Beech Creek Ride

Beech Creek Ride

Bicycling route in Lexington County, SC

Route information:

Length 28.4 kilometers
17.6 miles
Terrain Moderately hilly
Starting point Hylton Park

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This route begins in the town of Lexington and runs through some neighborhoods on the south side of Lake Murray. Unfortunately, there are no roads that run along the lake shore. You can, however, get a few glimpses of the lake as you cross over the creeks and bays.

This ride also provides access to Bundrick Island.

  1. Begin at Hylton Park.
  2. Go northeast on SC #6 (South Lake Drive) 0.3 kilometers (0.2 miles).
  3. Turn left. Go northwest on Butler Street 1.0 km. (0.6 mi.).
  4. Go straight (across US #1) on Reed Avenue 1.5 km. (0.9 mi.).
  5. Turn right. Go northwest on Old Chapin Road 4.6 km. (2.9 mi.).
  6. Turn left. Go west on Beechcreek Road 5.4 km. (3.4 mi.).
  7. Turn right. Go east on Beechcreek Circle 0.3 km. (0.2 mi.).
  8. Turn left. Go east on Beechcreek Road 1.0 km. (0.6 mi.).
  9. Turn left. Go northwest on Old Cherokee Road 0.5 km. (0.3 mi.).
  10. Turn right. Go north on Brady Porth Road 1.4 km. (0.9 mi.). You are now at the entrance to Bundrick Island.
  11. Turn around. Go south on Brady Porth Road 1.4 km. (0.9 mi.).
  12. Turn left. Go southeast on Old Cherokee Road 6.9 km (4.3 mi.).
  13. Turn right. Go south on Old Chapin Road 3.0 km (1.9 mi.).
  14. Go straight on West Main Street (US #1) 1.0 km. (0.6 mi.).
  15. Turn right. Go southwest on Kaufman Alley a short distance.
  16. You are now back at Hylton Park.

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