Blythewood Explorer

Blythewood Explorer

Bicycling route in Richland and Fairfield counties, SC

Route information:

Length 24.7 kilometers
15.3 miles
Terrain Moderately hilly
Starting point Blythewood Park

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This route begins in the town of Blythewood, and then loops around to the north into Fairfield County. You may see some horses as you come back down Syrup Mill Road. Finally, you will pass by the University Club and then cross the interstate back into Blythewood.

  1. Begin at Blythewood Park.
  2. Turn right. Go north on Boney Road (#1367) for 2.36 miles (3.8 km).
  3. You will cross into Fairfield County. Continue north on Boney Road (#227) 2.89 miles (4.7 km).
  4. Turn left. Go west on Peach Road (#30) 0.26 miles (0.4 km).
  5. You will cross over I-77. Continue west on Peach Road (#30) 2.66 miles (4.3 km).
  6. Turn left. Go south on Syrup Mill Road (#115 and #323) 3.60 miles (5.8 km).
  7. You will cross into Richland County. Continue south on Syrup Mill Road (#283) 2.13 miles (3.4 km).
  8. Turn left. Go east on Blythewood Road (#59) 0.80 miles (1.3 km).
  9. You will cross over I-77. Continue east on Blythewood Road (#59) 0.37 miles (0.6 km).
  10. Turn left. Go north on Boney Road (#1367) 0.30 miles (0.5 km).
  11. You are now back at Blythewood Park.

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