Forest Acres Explorer

Forest Acres Explorer

Bicycling route in Richland County, SC

Route information:

Length 10.2 kilometers
6.3 miles
Terrain Moderately hilly
Starting point Trenholm Park

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This route goes through many residential neighborhoods in Columbia and Forest Acres, passing by the golf course at Forest Lake Country Club. Some really nice flowers can be seen along this route in the spring.

Years ago, there was a "bike route" marked by signs in this area. Some of the old route has been incorporated into this route, and you may even see a few of the old signs.

  1. Begin at Trenholm Park, at the intersection of Covenant Road and Bethel Church Road.
  2. Turn left. Go southeast on Bethel Church Road 0.73 miles (1.2 km).
  3. Turn right. Go south on Willingham Drive 0.04 miles (0.1 km).
  4. Turn left. Go east on Daniel Road 0.21 miles (0.3 km).
  5. Turn left. Go north on Sylvan Drive 0.20 miles (0.3 km).
  6. Turn right. Go east on Nelson Road 0.16 miles (0.3 km).
  7. Turn right. Go south on Trenholm Road 0.15 miles (0.2 km).
  8. Turn left. Go northeast on Spring Lake Road 1.00 miles (1.6 km).
  9. Go straight on Shorebrook Road 0.17 miles (0.3 km).
  10. Turn left. Go north on Eastshore Road 0.59 miles (0.9 km).
  11. Turn left. Go west on Rockbridge Road 0.17 miles (0.3 km).
  12. Turn left. Go south on Westshore Road 0.47 miles (0.8 km).
  13. Turn left. Go south on Shorebrook Road 0.12 miles (0.2 km).
  14. Turn right. Go west on Spring Lake Road 0.11 miles (0.2 km).
  15. Turn right. Go northwest on Laurel Springs Road 0.27 miles (0.4 km).
  16. Turn right. Go north on Trenholm Road 0.30 miles (0.5 km).
  17. Turn left. Go west on Meadowwood Road 0.78 miles (1.3 km).
  18. Turn right. Go north on Satchel Ford Road 0.03 miles (less than 0.1 km).
  19. Turn left. Go southwest on Bethel Church Road 0.83 miles (1.3 km).
  20. Turn Left into Trenholm Park.

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