Greenwood Villager

Greenwood Villager

Bicycling route in Greenwood County, SC

Route information:

Length 8.7 kilometers
5.4 miles
Terrain Flat
Starting point Heritage Trail

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This route takes you through Greenwood's mill village then back up on the Railroad and Mill Village Heritage Trail.

  1. Begin at the Palmetto Bank parking lot on Main Street.
  2. Go southeast on Main Street 0.7 kilometers (0.4 miles).
  3. Turn right. Go southwest on Wells Avenue 0.2 km. (0.1 mi.).
  4. Turn left. Go south on Edgefield Street 2.3 km. (1.4 mi.).
  5. Turn right. Go south on Kirksey Drive 0.2 km. (0.1 mi.).
  6. Turn right. Go southwest on Holloway Ave. 0.7 km. (0.4 mi.).
  7. Turn left. Go southeast on Palmer Street 0.1 km. (0.1 mi.).
  8. Turn right. Go southwest on Florida Ave. 0.2 km. (0.1 mi.).
  9. Turn right. Go north on the Heritage Trail for 4.3 km. (2.7 mi.).
  10. You are now back at the Palmetto Bank.

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