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Introduction is an extensive reference site showing over four hundred parks and recreation areas, located in all 46 counties of South Carolina. Also included are fourteen bicycling routes and two long-distance trails.

If you are new to this state, you can quickly locate nearby parks by clicking on the county you live in or the counties around it. If you have lived here for a while, you may have already seen some of the more well known sights. By looking under different counties and special interests, you can find many new and interesting places to go and things to do. If you do not live in South Carolina but will be visiting, you can use this guide to decide where you would like to go and what to see.

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Developed campground
a group of campsites equipped with electricity and water, with restrooms and showers available
Community building or Meeting facility
a building or pavilion that can be rented for large group functions
Park pond or Park lake
a pond or lake that is entirely within the park
Primitive campground
a designated area for tent camping, or a set of campsites without all of the facilities listed in Developed campground
Secondary road
a paved road maintained by the South Carolina Department of Transportation that is not designated as an interstate highway, US highway, or state highway


On each county page you will see a map showing the county boundaries, with green markers for the parks and recreation areas. Click on the green marker to see the name of the park, which you can click on for more information about it.

Updates and changes

As with any web site of this type, all of the information is subject to change. Although I make an effort to update these pages as soon as I find out about changes, I cannot assume any liability for errors. Like any normal human, I do make mistakes sometimes!

Hours of operation

Most of the larger recreation areas have posted hours in which they are open to the public. These hours are, of course, subject to change. Most of the smaller parks either have no posted hours, or are simply open during daylight hours.


Many of the larger recreation areas charge admission fees, which change from time to time, while the smaller parks are almost always free to visit.


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Many of the parks are recreation areas allow visitors to bring dogs along. In almost all cases, dogs are required to remain leashed at all times. One notable exception is that a few parks have special fenced off-leash dog areas, where dogs may be allowed to roam free.

The following places offer off-leash dog areas:

Also, note that many of South Carolina's oceanfront communities have ordinances regarding dogs on the beach. For example, the city of Folly Beach does not allow dogs to be on the beach from 10:00a to 6:00p during the months of May to September.

Secondary road numbers

The South Carolina Department of Transportation assigns numbers to all secondary roads that they maintain. They are in the format S-[County number]-[Road number]. You can see these numbers on the small black signs located above the stop signs.

History of

Update: This website would not be possible without the love and devotion of Mike Adams, adventurer extraordinaire. Mike recently took a job in Virginia, so the folks at SCIWAY are taking over the reigns for now. Mike helped build a wonderful resource for outdoor enthusiasts across South Carolina, and he will be sorely missed. Hurry home, Mike!

Growing up in the Columbia area, I heard many complaints about the lack of local recreation. This was odd to me, because I was discovering new and interesting places all the time. Therefore, sometime in the late 1990s, I decided to draw up a list of outdoor parks and recreation areas in the five or six counties around Columbia.

About this time, companies such as CompuServe and GeoCities were starting to offer space where somebody like me could quickly build and publish a small web site for little or no cost. Seeing the opportunity here, I quickly learned HTML and signed up for my own home page. Within a few years, I had greatly enlarged the web site, now covering the entire midlands of the state from Fort Mill to North Augusta!

Early in 2000, just when I thought I had the South Carolina Midlands area completely covered, I got a job in the Charleston area and moved down! Now, I had an enormous new area to cover, so I began expanding the web site even further. Some day, I had hoped to cover the entire state.

This was not to be, however, at least not right away. Only nine months after moving to Charleston, I got a job offer with a company in southern Maryland. From my new location, there was no way for me to maintain the web site, so I contacted SCIway and asked if they had any ideas. They offered to take over the web site and incorporate it into “”.

About five years later, I ended up moving back to the Charleston area. It was at this time that I joined the SCIway team and began bringing the web pages back up to date. We ended up naming the site “”, and it now has recreational listings for almost every county in South Carolina.


Comments and suggestions

Your comments and suggestions are always welcome! I am continually trying to improve this web site, so your input is important. E-mail me at

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