Pine Island Unit

Pine Island Unit

Located in Clarendon County, SC.



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In this unit of the Santee National Wildlife Refuge, you will find plenty of scenic dirt roads and trails suitable for hiking or off-road bicycling. You can observe the wildlife, and also see what is being done to attract and retain wild animals. Fishing and canoeing are permitted here, but camping and swimming are not.

Features and Facilities

Water Features

Public Restrooms

  • No

Hours of Operation

  • Daylight hours

Admission or Parking Fee

  • Free

How to Get There

  • These directions will be somewhatt confusing, because of the strange way the roads are named and numbered. Take I-95 to exit #102, then go southeast on road #400 about 700 feet (200 meters). Turn left here, and you will be on Dingle Pond Road (#400). Go northeast on this road 0.5 miles (0.8 km.) and turn right. This road is still called Dingle Pond Road (#400). Go southeast 1.7 miles (2.7 km.), then turn right. Stay on this road, which is still called Dingle Pond Road (#400). It turns into a dirt road, which goes directly into the wildlife refuge.

Latitude 33.48555, Longitude -80.36278

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